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On this page, you can find quality content focused on children products. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to children products for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on children products, please feel free to contact us.

children products of Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. has a lot of fans since its launch. It has many competitive advantages over other similar products in the market. It is crafted by our engineers and technicians who are all highly educated and knowledgeable. To make the product stable in its performance and extend its service life, each detailed part is paid great attention during the production process.Lots of signs have shown that Pinzheng Furniture is building solid trust from customers. We have got lots of feedback from various customers with regards to the appearance, performance, and other product characteristics, almost all of which are positive. There are a quite large number of customers keeping buying our products. Our products enjoy a high reputation among global customers.Customer service is an important part of maintaining ongoing client relationships. At Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture, customers not only can find a wide variety of products, including children products but also can find many considerate services, including helpful suggestions, high-quality customization, efficient delivery, etc.
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Ensure Peace of Mind with Baby Alerts SoftClip Child Safety Seat Monitor & ElitePad Child Safety Sea
With the rise in temperature, the risk to kids of heat exposure and hyperthermia also increases.Even the most careful parents are perfectly capable of forgetting the child napping quietly in the car. As per the Associated Press analysis, the number of child heat exhaustion deaths resulting from being left in a hot parked car has risen dramatically since 1990sHeatstroke as a result of hyperthermia is the leading cause of non-crash-related deaths for children under the age of 11. On an average, 38 children die of heatstroke each year, because they were left in cars by distracted parents or caregivers.Ensure peace of mind with Baby Alert SoftClip & ElitePad Child Safety Seat Monitors.Thanks to technology, no child should be left behind. We may avoid leaving children unattended in automobiles.Baby Alert International is the premiere leader of high-quality, affordable proactive automotive child safety seat monitoring products. Our state of the art child car seat monitors serves as an invaluable aid towards the prevention of inadvertent caregiver-child separations.Baby Alert’s SoftClip and ElitePad System are designed to remind distracted child caregivers of the presence of their sleeping child in the back seat of the car. They are lifesaving and must have devices for children’s car safety seats. The proactive and advanced alarm system reduces the chances of children inadvertently being left alone in the car while fastened in their car seat.SoftClip:Simply replace your child’s safety seat chest harness clip with the SoftClip. Place the KeyFob Remote Alarm on your automotive key ring and relax. The proactive alarm system will sound an alarm approximately 10 seconds after the parent or the caregiver has moved more than 15 feet from the child in the safety seatThe ElitePad:Place the world’s thinnest pad under the safety seat cushion.Place the KeyFob Remote Alarm on your automotive key ring and relax. The proactive alarm system will sound an alarm approximately 10 seconds after the parent or the caregiver has moved more than 15 feet from the child in the safety seatSee them at work –·RELATED QUESTIONIs there any extension to show the information of children products of configurable products in Magento 2?Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2 displays children products of configurable product in a neat table to allow customers to add multiple simple products to cart at onceShow all associated products in a table for quicker orderingShow all related product information in the table: product availability, unit price, quantity and subtotalAllow adding multiple simple products to cart simultaneouslyIntegrate default magento color swatch function into the moduleLike Magento 1 version, Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2 helps store owners to provide a better display for their configurable products replaced for the drop-down list in Magento default. Customers do not have to choose custom options, but they just add their desired quantities for each children product and then can put all of them to cart by just one click. Therefore, Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2 is the most ideal choice to enhance shopping experience for wholesale customers with a quicker purchase process.Key features of Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2:Display all children products of the configurable product in a tableEnable customer to use Magento default color swatch function for each child productShow stock number and out of stock statusDisplay price range for the configurable products. This range is determined by the lowest and highest one among prices of children products.Enable to choose to show unit price of children products. Or admin can choose to show only when children products have different prices. Besides, the extension supports to display special price for each child product in the table.Customers can add multiple simple products to cart at once by a single click. Customers choose their own quantity for each associated products and then click “Add to Cart” button to put all of them to their cart. That is really suitable and convenient for wholesalers.Automatically calculate total amount when selecting quantities of products in the table.Show total quantity and total price at the bottom of the table.Configure to disable the module for specific customer groupMake simple configuration from Magento 2 backendWork with custom options of configurable productWork for configurable products with any number of attributesWell-compatible with Magento 2 platformWhy Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2 is your must-have extension?Improve configurable product displayAs you know, configurable products in Magento default are displayed in the drop-down list with custom options for customers to choose. However, it becomes very difficult for not only store owners to manage but also buyers to purchase quickly. Therefore, Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2 is considered as a breakthrough in bringing a very convenient display for configurable products when all children products are shown in only a table along with necessary information such as availability, price, quantity and so on. This surely brings a lot of benefits for store owners as well as convenience for customers, especially wholesalers, when doing shopping in the stores.Make better shopping experienceAs mention above, when all simple products exist in a table with Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2, customers can now purchase many items simultaneously without buying products one by one with choosing custom options as normally. Especially, it’s a very ideal extension for wholesale business when customers mainly order in a large quantity of product. Therefore, this module helps them to save much shopping time as well as brings better experience in the sites.To know more details about Magento web development, please feel free to visit magroots website.
FIPB Roadblock for IKEA Products
n what could spoil the single-brand retail party, the Foreign Investment Promotion Board is learnt to have struck off as many as 18 product categories out of the 30 proposed by ^25-billion Swedish furniture major IKEA.Coinciding with the din in Parliament over the government permitting 51 per cent foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, single-brand retail would run into a rough patch too, if IKEA reviews its India entry plans over the fresh barriers thrown up by the FIPB. It is believed many single-brand retail chains, including some from Europe, have been waiting for the green signal to the big-ticket IKEA proposal as a test case, before they send in their applications.Industry sources pointed out that IKEA, which operates over 300 stores across around 40 countries, typically goes out to foreign markets with its full range of products and categories, and with so many categories deleted from its list, the chain might rethink on whether to enter the India market or not.But replying to , IKEA said, "We are now internally reviewing the details of the latest decision from FIPB."The company said it would be in a position to comment on its India stand "when we are more clear about what it means for us in the coming days".The IKEA proposal was taken up by FIPB, a key wing in the finance ministry, for vetting foreign investment proposals, on Thursday.Officials said the IKEA intent to invest ^1.5 billion in India to set up stores across the country was recommended for clearance by the FIPB, but with conditions attached. Even as the earlier condition of 30 per cent sourcing from small and medium enterprises was removed from the single brand retail FDI policy following IKEA's stand that it was not feasible to follow, the new set of conditions recommended by FIPB may upset its plans.The category of items that FIPB has taken out of the list of what all IKEA can do in India include home and office use products, solutions, fittings, furnishings and accessories including stationery; textile products including apparels and fabrics; toys, books and gadgets; consumer electronics and accessories; decorative products; leather products; storage and sorting products and accessories; cleaning products and accessories; children products and accessories; safety-related products; travel-related products; cosmetics and accessories; gift articles and accessories; lifestyle products and accessories; beach products and accessories; recycling solutions and products; food and beverages to be served at the IKEA restaurants and caf
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